In touch.
Part of a note I wrote to someone I last spoke with over 10 years ago...
This chaos we call life can be so amazing when things are flying. The eagle within us has such power as does the bear. She is the one that pulls at my spirit -causing anxiety and forcing me back into a cave of doubt and sheer hopelessness.
The important thing is to hold on -shut my eyes, cry my tears, but always hold on. At least that is what I have learned. You are right -we haven't had a chance to develop a friendship in the traditional way, but in the grand scheme of things -what really matters is that we are in touch now. As for my abilities and compassion -thank you! I constantly question my abilities and at times -I feel that my compassion tends to lead me down destructive paths. All the same -I am learning and the rewards (although often disguised) will somehow justify the pain I feel and ultimately strengthen whomever it is I turn out to be.