vaka 106.

Vaka 106 journeys on.
Aside from the 2am wake up call (thanks to the Tahitians) -this morning began like any other: with the sun rising/the waves crashing/stray dogs wandering/carmel and stripey roaming...

Following breakfast and a limerick by resident poet Doug -the team paddled in different directions to the various work sites. Later in the day, we gathered together at club 21 for 1 last happy hour with the fabulous 15. Hosts John and Nellann along with JoAnne and Karl concocted the tiki liki miki kiikii punch as Q entertained us with a slideshow. Post happy hour -it was on to a dinner celebration in honor of our work with Pauline and Harry Napa inviting us in/thanking us for our efforts.

I honestly tried to pay close attention to what was going on because I knew I would have to come up with something profound at the end of the day. Ultimately I had no luck because I realized that documenting a trip such as this is virtually impossible or as Jane would say -maybe it would just take longer?

In short -the amazing beauty/power of our work here in the Cook Islands stems from the spirit of its people. As Vaka 106 ventures off in different directions -whether you find yourself in a single/on a sprint/paddling in unison with 14 others/or on a long-distance trek -remember to focus on the journey and not the destination/respect the water and roll with the waves.

Kia Orana -may you live on.