free falling.

Living in the moment -having faith versus fear.

I am officially 37 days into my south pacific 08 adventure. After leaving the Global Volunteer Vaka in Rarotonga -I headed off for a different voyage with over 20 youngins in NZ. We ventured up to the Bay of Islands where I managed to reel in 3 snappers, then on the Rotorua -experienced black water rafting abound with glow worms/incredible sites/crazy cold waterfalls... then to cap it off we spent the night at the local bar -Curlys with our tour guides -jed clampett and megan. Earlier that day -I bought some paper cups from a chinese dollar store. Needless to say -making it around the world (a beer challenge at the pub) was made a little easier by the infamous American past time.

Next stop was Waitomo, then Taupo where I bungeed 150 feet! Now I'm in Cairns -awaiting yet another Contiki trip/diving at the Great Barrier. Sign me up:)

why live life on the edge when you can jump off?
-taupo, NZ