american dream.

The ideals of entitlement are extinct. Those who live this life solely for themselves –expecting something from nothing –will soon discover that their time is up. Few people will be able to go under the radar and achieve the type of success that has been “promised” to them.

The term entitlement renders an image of waste. Why? Because those who feel entitled live outside their means/waste resources/depend on credit/do the minimum to “achieve”, then when things falter –the little pointer finger comes out. Blame someone else –the American way.

My thought is that the American dream has been redefined to the point of disgrace. It no longer represents the original dreamers –coming to America with nothing but change in their pockets and more importantly passion in their hearts. The goal wasn’t to own a house with a white picket fence and a snazzy car in the driveway. Far from it –it was to create a better world for both themselves and for generations to come!

Don’t get me wrong, I am intensely proud to be an American/inspired by the legacy of the “dream”! Based on my dad’s journey of vision, I understand the power of opportunity that only this country can offer. Freedom is a gift –a privilege that millions of people in this world will never have the right to have/even imagine. Yet here in America, this “freedom” to create/inspire/empower/love and ultimately serve our fellow woman/man has transformed into a self-centered form of “freedom” –one where Americans use free will/make the choice to base life’s purpose/worth on income/title/status versus contribution to the greater good/work towards a unified goal/something far greater than the “individual”.