To say that I'm working to be a part of the solution versus the problem would be an exaggeration because at this point -I feel like I'm just trying.

My obstacles include unnecessary guilt for having a powerful legacy tripled with massive insecurity and an intensity that inhibits my freedom to reach into my core and pull out my innocence. Truth be told, my innocence/basic nature/inner spirit is fighting with this rigid/uptight outer shell. I’ve become someone I have a hard time hanging out with –so serious, annoyed, bitter, anti-life.

My fairy-like essence would like for nothing more than to frolic in the fields/dive off of cliffs into waterfalls/swim endlessly with dolphins/feel the sand between my toes at every sunrise/ride my horse "smoky" along the shore as the sun sets... and the list goes on.

A reality where a sunrise swim and horseback riding before breakfast; amateur convertible racing and teaching art class for all ages before lunch; working to promote wellness and plant seeds of resilience between noon and 6pm; then back to my high-tech teepee for dinner/cookout with the spirits may alarm some people, but in truth -this carefree lifestyle may be the key to transform my "trying" into sincerely "working" to not only be a part of "the solution", rather to fulfill a higher purpose/discover my happiness.

Stop bitching; start a revolution.
-Wulf Zendik

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