Economy is crashing, companies are failing, families are struggling, wars are raging and people wonder why? One reason could be the lack of accountability and ownership for oneself. Another could be the emphasis placed on money. What are we saying to our kids when our government responds to the economic crisis with “stimulus” money? Or when our defense department has the largest budget, by far over department of health and education combined?

Where are our priorities and do we really know how to problem solve? Answer is –there’s a lack of focus, character, consistency regarding policy and most people take short cuts, grab the band-aid/react to issues versus taking the bull by the horns and using blood, sweat, and tears to discover the actual root/the origin for which a domino effect of catastrophe (similar to what we’re experiencing) comes.

As tough as it is to say given my compassionate nature –failing companies do not deserve a bailout. Short-term, it’s political suicide. Long-term, it makes the most sense. Yes it’s unfair for the little guy to suffer because management was myopic in focus. Yes it sucks when livelihood is lost and people are left to fend for themselves. I argue that we dug this grave ourselves. The industrial revolution pigeon holed people into specific roles –otherwise known as the assembly-line mentality. It’s no wonder today’s layoffs are so devastating!

My question is –why on earth did people think things would stay the same? Should we blame labor unions for their mission to make unrealistic demands and thereby reinforcing the age of entitlement? Why didn’t the unions stand up and fight for their right to alter strategy and I don’t know, maybe look AHEAD into the future when quality of product would ultimately win the customer over?

What’s funny is that those who boasted “buy USA”/rejected outsourcing/protested against foreign-made products are now at the mercy of those “evil” foreigners. The irony is that the “big 3”/American auto industry must rely on the wonders of globalization to make it out of this mess. I don’t know much, but I sense that Toyota had a point when they focused on research and development versus advertising/image -those silly forward-thinking Asians.

Business as usual is over! Reinvent.