A major revelation came the other day as I was presenting to Detroit Public Schools. I realized what perpetuates “stigma” is psychiatry itself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. I should flesh this out more, but my basic mentality is that the field of psychiatry is arbitrary. Unless you actively intervene/interfere with brain circuitry/genetic makeup –you can’t predetermine illness nor can you characterize its manifestation. The DSM is a book of fiction, not fact. I’m utterly amazed day in and day out as to why we have evolved to where we are at right now.

I propose we redefine the field and allow for all of those who currently chug along on this train of thought to live on an island and medicate themselves. Meanwhile, perhaps we can create a community of wellness! Do we need advocacy organizations? I’m the first to advocate for those who can’t fight for themselves, but is it efficient and are we helping?

The way I see it, promoting suicide prevention when there’s such a sincere LACK of understanding/resources/follow through/and commitment to those in the dark is similar to my asking them to water a plant, which desperately needs care. Great! Let’s say they water the plant that one time/save them from the brink that one time. Then what? That person still has to “live” with themselves.

Maybe the most efficient way to do this would be for me to recruit ALL those who either have been “officially” diagnosed with “mental illness” across the spectrum of functionality as well as those who are able to self manage without getting the arbitrary field of psychiatry involved i.e. Ted Turner. I collect those people –convince them that this is more complicated than just a label. I guess it’s good to try to define what’s wrong –but maybe more for the caregiver versus the patient? Then again, it depends on the person. Some people revel in being a “patient”. This could take some thinking… not to mention some serious convincing –especially when it comes to those “advocacy” organizations.

*Warning: this is an extreme point of view/people may be offended. Keep in mind that my opinion is based on extensive personal experience and severe disappointment with what's been understood as the status quo.