Keep going; keep growing; set me free.

I wrote this to a friend -someone who challenges me to appreciate what it is I have to offer and wants to understand my concept of "connection"...

It’s good to see you in a great place/ready for the path ahead –taking things as they come. I’m intrigued by the power of music and the way it’s worked for and through you. I can’t put words to that power/that transcendental feeling of complete harmony with whatever is flowing… insanely majestic. You asked me about connection and being alone… I think before I connect with others; I connect with myself and the shit I’ve been through has jolted that connection time and again.

In my mind, those I truly connect with; I can live without –which sounds counter-intuitive/strange, but somewhere inside it makes sense. I have no idea what the future holds. My escape is my search for that future. No one knows where I’ve been –I never compare my experience with that of others. I can empathize/relate in some ways –yet NEVER apples to apples. Many would say that “escaping” is bad and walls are limiting. I am not “many” and for ME –it’s an integral part of the search. I don’t need for people to understand that; just accept it and set me free. Whatever happens –you will be amazing and your energy will resonate! For now –our paths are crossing and for that –I’m thankful!

Do not hold me to the past; rather invite me to a better future.
People who are on the earth to most support you in moving forward have subtle ways of holding you back.
Practice the energy you want to receive from others.
Have faith in people –wherever they are going carries infinite potential.
-Marianne Williamson