tide turns.

1. never show all of my cards
2. be alert because every wall has its breaking point
3. look for opportunities to find the balance between youth/innocence and wisdom/experience
4. let go of superficial expectation/obligation
5. trust in the path I can't see
6. stay connected to both the eye of the storm and the tornado itself
7. the goal is to inspire
*Lessons learned? or maybe I should say lessons in progress because I'm sure I will have to relearn them time and again down the road.
It's funny -I try to be vague in these entries without focusing too much on the steph-life details. Maybe because I want to remain a mystery and never really be a part of someone's day to day/more like a long-lost aunt just passing through. Who knows how long that transient mindset will last? In some ways, I'm hoping that the steps I'm taking in the coming weeks/months will morph the visiting aunt into a stable/consistent seat at the table. True -I will be out of touch with most people until further notice, but it's a healthy move and I'm hoping that it will propel me forward/beyond this great lakes "stuckness".
Without a doubt, I'm thankful for the blessed life God has given me and the amazing people I've come to know -yet for some reason a force (most especially over the past 3 years) has acted as a repellent. Whether it's me pushing or others pulling -it ultimately leaves me left alone dwelling in a place of "terminal uniqueness" (props to a mentor of mine, Shirley for that term). Ironic I guess because I was raised on an island -I'm familiar with that concept -surrounded by water/protected, yet isolated from what's realistic/necessary for growth. With that said and still somewhat vague -this is me saying surf's most definitely up. I think it's safe to say that at this point I'm used to the crashing waves/turning of the tide. This is not good bye/wish me luck!

counting out gold coins.
God gave me life,
the value of every single day
He alone knows.
I have spent my life, breath by breath,
singing my songs,
so consumed by the melody and beat
I forgot the moment of bitter departure.
While I sang my fluid tunes
the seed of my heart dried up,
the caravan passed, the day grew late.

life flows.
As I wade in the waters.
Waiting and anticipating.
The turn of the tide.
It turns.
I wade.
Life flows.