on the horizon.

There is a possibility my family will be involved in a film project focused on mental health in the coming months. Up to this point, the documentaries/material out there have mostly been stereotypical/dramatic/sensationalized. This is an opportunity to break away from that and this is an excerpt from my letter to the production team:

My hope is to convey our story with the focus not necessarily on bipolar rather the overall premise that all of us deal with some type of mental disability at some point in our lives. The only difference between those who need treatment/intervention and those who don't is the level of functioning meaning if one has difficulty living day to day. We all understand that this is a journey replete with detours of all kinds -none of us know where the road will take us and the most fragile resource we have is our mind. I think that the more universal/relevant our "message" is -the more powerful.

With that said, I do believe that one way to desensitize society to the traditional concept of "mentally ill" is through a unique understanding of a family such as mine. As we move forward, I will continue brainstorming ideas from the creative/narrative perspective to highlight my family's experience and how that ties into the overall approach to mental/physical health care. Throughout this process, I welcome any questions/suggestions/comments.

I want you to know that on behalf of my family, we sincerely appreciate your support as it has been a long road! Despite the relative instability and the inconsistency in my own thoughts/feelings/beliefs throughout the years given my nature/intense spirit -deep down I know full well that my steadfast passion is to inspire/empower others walking in similar shoes. I can't walk the path for others nor can I guide them, but I can shine a light and I can offer my support for whatever reality they are living.
Please let me know if YOU have any suggestions and stay tuned...