A mystery not easily defined.
Intense passion/misdirected vulnerability teaching me more about myself and my insecurities.
Mass confusion added to a pile of doubt.
Fighting to stand my ground and realize my potential amidst overwhelming emotion.
Yearning to understand this power -harness the energy and transform it into something magical.
Maybe the key is to let go -let the pieces fall into place?
Relinquish control and place my trust in God/the order of the Universe.
To love with reckless abandon.
To live free from judgment -most especially from my infamous little voice within.
Learn to accept my strong spirit and respect its nature.
Loving myself/for where I'm at and the path I've taken is a work in progress.
Loving another/for where he's at and the path he's chosen seems easier.

There's nothing easy about this love concept/no right or wrong. Each of us manages to navigate our way through -twisting and turning.

In truth, my journey thus far hasn't thrown me into a burning fire of passion/all-consuming blindness. I do have a pretty good taste of it/a sneak peek into what it could be and my first reaction is fear. My life has already seen a loss of control -my mind ventured into alternate realities/separating me from my body and the world I knew in addition to other challenges. So yes anything that takes me away from myself prompts fear.

Maybe it's a defense mechanism? It could be healthy, then again -it's prevented me from healthy relationships. My pattern is to push people away -for them not to depend on me/view me as someone who comes and goes/leaves an impact, then I'm gone. Sounds sad, yet I felt like this was the easy approach.

Now back to the twists and turns: getting to a point of self acceptance; having a healthy view of myself =big twist/still twisting like a pretzel. Now for the turn =there's no time like the present! With patience, sincere attempt at understanding, and most importantly a strong foundation in trust -I know things will work out/fall into place. Bottom line -I am always here for those I love. Behind every cloud, the sun shines... even when you can't see me, I'm shining/just waiting to break through.

You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.