This life is interesting -seasons passing/people moving through. Aside from accepting self -to embrace the impermanence concept is a powerful thing. To understand the flow/the all is one/om flow of this world takes consciousness on a daily basis. We can drift in and out, but to be submersed in a superficial/unchanging life -that’s not growth and it’s not what God intended.

At no time do I want to come across as self righteous or so “stuck” in my ways/beliefs. I pray for an open mind/open heart; allowing my life to unfold the way it’s supposed to without too much interference from ego/ignorance... that's the obstacle/the ego! Finding my way will not be possible if I refuse to look back/ignore the rearview mirror and discard the baggage. So the challenge is to keep my eyes on the road/take the twists and turns and continue to believe in the detour.