The strongest form of communication is visual -the universal language, through which one can convey a deep emotion, express a profound thought and/or influence an aimless stranger. My history as an artist stems from my strong passion to freely communicate and connect.

As an artist; I am a link.

Making connections is my method of learning. Forming relationships inspires me to create. Opening my eyes and searching for the ties that bond compels me to embrace diversity and relate on an organic level. My objective is to build on yesterday so that I don't have to start from scratch tomorrow. Moving forward is impossible without looking back. When I reflect on where I have been; I realize that every experience and each person has contributed to who I am today.

I have gathered these "pieces" and put them in my pocket. A good portion were passed on by family.
OPA -admired for his strategic prudence and his incredible artistic abilities;
OMA -inherited her wicked determination and a stubborn streak;
NAN -thanking her for the discipline and her positive "I am woman hear me roar!" influence;
twin brother PAUL -most genuine person I know;
MOM -astounded by her faith and the resilient way in which she overcomes life's challenges;
DAD -intense passion/grand dreams/a powerful spirit with me always.

What will I do with my 30 years of "pieces"? Build the puzzle/spin the web -I will continue to collect/strive to find a relationship between cultures, religions, societies, behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives. I want to study various theories, speak with numerous artists/designers/writers, and discover a way to achieve my lifelong goal, which is to make a visible difference in the way society views mental health. My passion stems from personal experience -losing my dad to suicide and dealing with my own struggles -whether it's related to the infamous BP1 label or not/this lifetime is what it is. My challenges are not unique -the way I choose to confront them/tackle them face first... THAT is.

These "pieces" serve as my inspiration, allowing me to be an artist; a link.

My family is my core/I am their promise.
A true legacy lies not in what we leave behind, rather who. Knowing that I am my family's voice is a powerful concept to grasp. Every life lived has strengthened and continues to impact my foundation. -sp