Cassandra -the girl with a vision foreseeing the fall of the Trojans.

Fast forward to modern times -you'd have to be blind not to see what's happening in our world. I want to simplify: strip down and start over. Why are we here? Why did God plant us in this time; in this place; with these people -with so much suffering and destruction/complication and mayhem? Few people understand my psyche -the frustration within. A resurgent feeling of emptiness/worthlessness/confusion/depletion. I WANT struggle in my life. I want to work hard and fight for something great. I want to stop running and put a halt to distraction/drama.

Imagine a place -free from corruption and ignorance/greed and commercialism; a world FULL of spirit and substance/freedom! Where do I feel free? racing down the lone highway; rolling in the tumultuous waves; riding without inhibition on the back of a horse; with 5 year olds and their innocence; in the presence of strong spirit and unconditional love. That is where I am at right now -close my eyes and I can channel my place of peace. Truth is -my dad is with me; more now than ever before. He IS my vision/eternal flame and I can only thank God/the divine for this flow/this evolution.

The fire inside -spark is always on while the flame ebbs and flows; like the tide.
-inspired by Bob Seger and tw

Cassandra of Troy is a figure both of the epic tradition/tragedy,
where her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplify the tragic condition of humankind.