Your intuition is on fire!
Ask for guidance often because you have a direct channel to the wisdom of your soul right now.
Analyze your dreams for insights and creative ideas.
Enjoy your playful side.
You might begin a new hobby/spend more time with kids OR start a new romance.
When you surrender to your higher self, life gets streamlined =more time for fun!
-Taurus June 2010 horoscope thanks to Aluna Michaels

My intuition IS most definitely on fire and my constant prayer for guidance is already a go -good thing my channel is direct and efficient/saves me from a great deal of unnecessary pain. *This type of struggle is frequently associated with unhealthy connection and fabricated intrigue aka. ancient patterns and blasts from the past.
Deep introspection/insight and creative innovation/out of the box thinking always a part of the routine day to day.
Enjoying the playfulness/my innocence -that's a check.
As for these options: new hobby/more time with kids OR a romance. I choose all of the above.
And finally -to truly surrender and streamline life is a work in process with the ultimate goal being my summer 2010 theme =fun.

Sincere gratitude to the many who have landed on my path -peacelove and light.