Whatever spark of gift I possess has been transmitted to her and has kindled a fire in her brain. Jung compared father and daughter to 2 people going 2 the bottom of a river: 1 falling and the other diving.
-Michael Greenberg/Hurry Down Sunshine
It's a miracle for me to say that I have experienced both: fallen by circumstance and what felt like force, then found my way back. I now choose to dive; a.mazed by the sheer depth/the power of spirit and my need to constantly challenge the within.

Throughout this journey -I pray for safety/help as I attempt to thrive/access positive energy and respect the flow. Have faith in what this world/lifetime has to offer and entertain the inner tiger -her desire to rebel/fight for something greater.

I seek profound/eternal love -a safe harbor, which essentially comes from my core. Release expectation with good intention; be brave and courageous/honest and compassionate =most of all with myself. The trips my mind has taken/time zones transcended/other worlds penetrated -every path provides me with insight/holds purpose. The routes taken/vacation spots and not so awesome layovers throw obstacles in my way/confront my peace of mind -that elusive oasis in the desert. Always a search.

As much as I doubt myself and judge me for mistakes made/opportunities lost -deep down I know that I just have to keep going. This solace is not in the every day -perhaps it's fleeting like lightning bugs/shooting stars, but having faith in that glimpse of beauty/the flash of grace -THAT is what I live for. Holding on as I dive into the depths and hold myself back from the falling edge.