i'm sitting in a hotel room -fyi. my favorite room in the world by far. i love the palette of colors and the quaint-ness =wooden floors and stripes and paisleys; the soft lighting; the demure motif (whatever that means); the private stairway leading up to my mouse doorway; and the sheer comfort. i love it. it's not too often i find myself using that word -most especially with things like "rooms", but I do -i love it! i'm not concerned about spelling or edits right now -just writing and being in this moment... of independence/confidence/faith and hope in right now... which will hopefully carry me into tomorrow.

as i ran on the boardwalk near the beach today -the moon to my left and the sunset to my right; i thought to myself how lucky? how lucky am i to run -to have legs and arms and ears to hear this music. just lucky/sheer luck. life lands us in places. i've learned that it takes hard work to get to these places -not just luck, but in my case i feel as if it's more the latter.

on a side note -to those of you who watch Charlie Rose -don't you think he interrupts his guests? nothing worse... well lots of things worse than that, but a really bad thing is when people don't listen to what you're saying or when they anticipate whatever is you will say or when they think about what they want out of the conversation, then cut you off without hearing you out....

end of side note; back to me.
as i was running; i thought about "love of life" and i haphazardly came up with the following:

love life.
love the life you have. love the life you want; the life you think you want; the life you wish you could have. love every facet; every nook and cranny of that life you have -the fullness and the lackness; love it. find a way to love the people; the ups and downs; the every things about it. and if you don't love it now, then learn to love it. love learning and stagnation. love leaping and standing still.
love life.

right here/now... i am in love with my life; in awe as to how things have evolved... despite heartache and utter inadequacy (or at least feeling thereof); i can rest-assuredly say that all is where it's supposed to be/totally in order and the universe is in alignment. that's helpful! it may be short-lived, but it's something to hang my hat on/my manchester united red hat.

wishing you all moments like this =when the stepping stones align; risk is not synonymous with fear; and the vast world OPENS its arms to you versus the close to falling off of its edge sensation. love leaping and standing still. love life.

fyi. 3 years later and i vividly recall that tiny room with the brightest colors you ever did see.