I’m fascinated as to how people react and how they process? I observe the way kids take the world in and I’m in awe by them. They are sponges. I envy the innocence and the purity they have when going about the every day. Some say old souls are the only ones who really connect with kids and Wayne Dyer explained how we are essentially born with all we need. The world slowly, but surely, shapes us into cynical/jaded robots. That's extreme. It can also shape us back into our core selves once we realize who that is?

At this moment, I am incredibly grateful for last week, yet floored as to how this week has taken its toll. Word on the street is that we're supposed to give thanks for all of it: the good, the bad, the totally fragmented.

Last week, I was enamored by the heart having infinite shades and shapes and sizes and textures and grooves. We have our pieces =the parts of us that dwell and obsess and love and lust and wander and drive us down into the ground, then turn around and shoot us into the ether. We find a way to manage our pieces and we’ll make it. We’ll make peace with them and learn to shift it/move it around/embrace it. Life is about the moving and tectonic plates finding new position. That’s the challenge =to keep up with it and give ourselves the compassion our soul seeks. 

Did someone say compassion?

I was full of it just 7 days ago. Talking to an old friend, I encouraged her to take the tough way around. "Seek out the detours/the flights of stairs versus the elevators. Entertain the challenging routes… even when you have the option because it will make it that much easier when the alternative doesn’t exist and that’s your only way", preached me.

There are certain points in my life when I grasp clarity. I was in one of those spaces just days ago. It’s a whoosh of connected dots where the pieces start to fit and the “oh yeahs” sneak in. It’s refreshing and overwhelming all at the same time! I have to be careful. There are windows on the path ahead of me =full of opportunity... 

Hesitation seeps in. I've had those moments, but what I'm missing is that sustainable energy... how do we sustain? Will we automatically own it once we rediscover our God-given core? I've met her before. She's in there, but she's not surfacing often and when she does =it's for a breath of air, then she dolphin dives back down again into the depths. 


Truth is what you believe in

and faith… is helping to reason.

… if your wings are broken; borrow mine so yours can open too...

‘cause i'm going to stand by you.

–Rachel Platten

Here comes the sun. -Yuna