Working on my website inspires me to take special note of the many places I have been and all that I have gathered over the years to surface into the now. What a NOW it is! With each resurface, we make a mark...

I very strongly believe that if you go back to your roots, if you mine that inner territory, you can bring out something that is indelibly you and authentic; like your thumbprint. It's going to have your style because there is no one like you. –Joyce Tennyson

I have yet to photographically understand the wrinkles and grooves, but I’m in process with the imprint. When I make my mark with a click, I’m thinking about my connection with the subject or the theme. I recall my own desires to hold on to moments and create memories as a child. I was the only one in the family to document. I’m attracted to both macro and wide angle shots from various perspectives. I appreciate a multi-perspective view and I want my audience to walk away feeling value and respect for that captured moment in time.

I pay close attention to composition and all four corners of my frame of creation with a need for efficiency and meaning behind each shot. That all stems from upbringing in a household where things were constantly moving and the pressure I sometimes felt to excel. Both trauma and tragedy have played a role in my life. It makes its way through in that I’ve developed a pervading empathy. The disadvantage is that I feel as if everything needs to count and I incessantly search for a hidden purpose… because there has to be one, right?