This one word brings with it this notion of hope and possibility; a new perspective and a faith in that small ember that burns deep down somewhere inside. The spark wanes and waxes, but it will never cease from glowing. The gift lies in knowing what fans the flames; what fuels the energy? and maybe there’s a gift in realizing the opposite. It’s tough to see it in the moment, but yes it’s a blessing to realize both sides of that spectrum. It’s information/data points. As I collect the points, I realize it’s not about me. The more I make my story a part of a bigger picture and a grander purpose, the more in flow it all seems.

Knowing we’re connected is a significant part of resilience and something I tend to brush aside during times of retreat. That which brings me back time and again is this art. To create is to experience magic… I tend to obsess about where it’s going and what I’m supposed to do with it? It’s not the easiest thing to figure out. As Clark said in Griswold’s Christmas, “that’s all a part of the experience!”.